First Church Building Location 1907 – 1908

The beginnings…
Spruce Pine First Baptist Church had its beginnings in the early 1900s. Elder L. H. Green filed a report with the Baptist Association. In 1903 Associational Missionary recommended the Association looks after the Baptist interest in Spruce Pine, and 1904 was the year that Reverend L. H. Green continued to serve as that Missionary. He saw the need for a Missionary to remain in Spruce Pine.

In 1907 in Nat Riddle’s Shoe Shop, a group of folks from the area began plans for a church.

May 28, 1908, Property was purchased from John L. English, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. English, and Varina English on Bridge Street for $100.00 to erect the first church building.

September 17, 1908, the Mitchell Baptist Association in the morning session at Silver Chapel Church, the motion was made to accept Spruce Pine Church be admitted to the Association. They were admitted, and L. A. Berry and J. W. Pitman were shown as delegates. Rev. Steven Greene was the first pastor from 1908-1909.

The Second Building Location 125 Tappan St.

Construction of the Second building started around 1929
The project was not Completed until 1940s due to depression, war and many other factors effecting the church people and community.

The first service held in the building was in 1940.

The First Service in the New Building
The stone came from various mines in the area and some from the tunnel on Altapass.
Steeple Installation


The new addition will be added where the drive and cleared area is.
The Current Look
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